what pain does


For weeks I have been wanting to write about her…and yet I found myself lost for words.  Hard as it is, I know I need to tell her story for it is a story of courage, strength and God.

We went out for lunch the other day, and for a few minutes, we just stared at the table in silence, for words were not enough to convey what was in the heart.  From the way she slumped in her seat, and  the dimness in her eyes, you can tell she is a woman of sorrow.  Pain has etched deeply on her face overnight.

With tears in her eyes she asked me : ” Please tell me it will get easier.”

I was lost for words again.

” I will be lying to you if I said yes.  It does not get easier.  Grief is like a wave and it will hit you without warning… ”

” .. every morning when you wake up, before you get out of bed, you ask God for strength for the day.  Each night before your head hit the pillow, you thank Him for carrying you through.  You can only take one day at a time and learn to get on with your life.  But it is not going to be easy.”

At that moment our hearts connected, because pain has a way of drawing the hurting souls.

” I don’t understand why this happened.  But I know one of these days He is going to use our experience to help some other people”  She said wistfully.  Without a doubt this was something that came out of sheer strength, and a deep love for her God.

That’s what pain does…it draws a person closer to God and shows what is in the recess of one’s soul.

And it is during those dark moments, then we who are called to be His light can make a difference. It is that moment when we can witness to those around us what it means to have God in our lives.

“You have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith . . . maybe found to praise, honor, and glory.”

1 Peter 1:6-7, NKJV

I really like how Anne Graham puts it  “A witness that is lived can be as powerful as one that is spoken. It’s not what you say but who you are that catches the attention of those around you – which is one reason God allows grievances, crises, sufferings, injustice, and hardship to come into our lives. Because problems offer us the opportunity to give silent, relevant witness to the difference faith in God can make. The problems enable us to become a showcase so that the world can look into our lives and see the glory of God revealed.”

And my friend is one of His showcase.


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mom with two grown up girls, children pastor, avid knitter, coffee-lover, bear-collector. I love reading, hanging out with my girl friends and yes, I am owned by a golden lab, Jaden.

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