my Easter journey

A few weeks ago as I started preparing the lesson for Good Friday, I came up with a seemingly good idea. I thought it would be an awesome way to teach the children with a home-made Easter wreath. The idea is to crochet a covering for the wreath with the liturgical colors of Easter and then decorate it with different symbols. It did sound very good and impressive at that moment, but soon I discovered to my dismay the monstrosity  of the task. The project took longer than I had expected and I ended up working on it for hours instead of attending to other pressing tasks.  Fortunately, I  got it finished just in time and the wreath  is now proudly hanging over my door.  I have to say even though this project was a huge undertaking  it has been an uplifting journey.  For three weeks as I  emerged myself  in the message of Easter, God spoke , challenged and questioned me in different ways.   As usual, before I can teach God  made me a student first.


There is a saying  that crocheting /knitting is the new yoga, and these crafts have certainly helped me to decompress and focus.  When I first started this project, I was very unsettled and restless.  Over time, the project helped me to divert my energy to something  productive, and as I became quiet and still I was able to catch a glimpse of the Passion of Christ.  It was a wonderful experience to have the Spirit of God touched this troubled soul with His ever gentle love.


As Christians we gather on Good Friday to  remember the sufferings and sacrifice of Christ, and on Easter Sunday we celebrate His resurrection and triumph.  As Paul writes it is the time for us to rejoice  our ” new birth into a living hope”. And for weeks I  have grappled with this “living hope”  as I desperately need to have mine renewed.   I realized this hope is definitely not for a day or a month, it is something that has to be continued for life time.  God is not in the business of quick-fixes, and sometimes sufferings and trials can be life long.  Having gone through a few devastations and disappointments I have come to an understanding that this hope does not mean having  a happy-ever-after ending either, it means the ability to sustain and find strength from His promises during the most trouble times. It is to believe that God is reliable and good  even though it might take us to the other side of glory to realize it.


On my Easter journey I have also been impressed by the question of His Kingship.  The Lord suffered the most painful and humiliating death because He was rejected by people who did not receive Him as their Promised King. He simply did not fit into their image of what the King should be.  They wanted things their way and not God’s way . They wanted what they thought was good for them.  This unfortunately is the problem Christians face these days as we have not yet learned to accept what really God wants.  Yes, we might spend time in discerning His will but as people of this narcissistic age, we tend to think in terms of what we want and often are blinded by our own agenda. The sad fact is, anything we do outside of God is deemed to be tragic.   In order to truly know what God wants of us, we have to acknowledge and surrender to Christ’s Kingship in our lives and rest in Him at all times.  However this is easily said then done, for we tend to play musical chairs with Him and often want to take the control back in our hands.

Tonight as I sit here and reflect on the day, I thought about “The Legend of The Three Trees” I read to the children this morning.  This story is an appropriate epilogue of this journey, it reminded me that God has His  purpose for me and when I surrender to His Kingship things will happen according to His timing.  His dreams and plans for me will be eventually fulfilled  even though things might seemed to work against me at certain moments…this is what Living Hope is all about.

As I journey on to the next phase I am packing with me these two burning questions :

” Do I doubt that the King who loves me so much that He went to the cross for me, will not bring justice to its rightful fruition at the right time ?”  ” Do I submit to His sovereignty at all times and hold on to this living hope  no matter how prolonged the difficulty is?”

I have been blessed tremendously on my Easter journey, and I pray that you my dear friends will also be touched as we remember and celebrate Him this weekend.

May your faith be strengthened and your hope be renewed !



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mom with two grown up girls, children pastor, avid knitter, coffee-lover, bear-collector. I love reading, hanging out with my girl friends and yes, I am owned by a golden lab, Jaden.

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