A Man In Action

I had followed him around for almost ten days, and for a man his age he sure has long strides and walks fast.    I was really impressed by the way he maneuvers around the narrow streets, and weaves in and out of the heavy traffic with so much confidence. He knows exactly where to go for delicious food, and the right words to get what he needs. He looks very at ease in this foreign city.

I remember what a missionary once said about these short-term trips from his years of experience.  He had said wistfully that in a short period of time , it is difficult for a person to fully comprehend and appreciate what it means to work in a particular field, often time there is little impact  and all one does is to interrupt  the routine of those who are already at work there.  Now I certainly understood what this person meant, I felt all I succeeded to do over this trip was to interrupt his schedule as he got up early in the mornings to pick us up from our hotel and at night made sure we found our way back.

I am not good at guessing people’s age, the fact he had spent 46 years pastoring churches, and been in this city for three years, put him in his early seventies.   He does not look his age and even though he walks with a slight hunch he is very energetic. For days I had difficulty keeping up with him  and when I looked at the back of  his sweat drenched shirt I could not help but wonder why he is not retiring at some nice comfortable community, enjoying the fruit of his hands and soaking up the sun.   As most “retired” people I have met are either working  on their golfing or cruising around the world.

I had asked him and his wife why?  Why are they still at work in the field?

The answer was short and simple.

“God called” and ‘ We followed.”

Someone had said this to me long time ago.  “Christians can only retire when they go to heaven.”

This man is the living proof.


About mamaj

mom with two grown up girls, children pastor, avid knitter, coffee-lover, bear-collector. I love reading, hanging out with my girl friends and yes, I am owned by a golden lab, Jaden.

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