a memorable afternoon…

It is hard to believe that it’s been almost a month since the trip. It feels just like yesterday I was walking under the scorching sun through the wet markets, learning to say ” no hot sauce” when ordering food. There are so many precious memories from this trip which definitely will linger around for a while.

Our main task for this cultural exchange was to run an ESL camp ( English as second language) in partnership with an organization over there. One of the valuable resources provided for us was the volunteers, they helped us with everything from preparation to teaching and managing the students. Most importantly they translated for us when we needed communication.

Over the course of the seven days we have formed this relationship not only with our students but with our volunteers. After the camp was over, we had some free time between meetings and the young ladies became our tour guides. For several days it had been hot and sunny, but started to drizzle the morning we left to visit the local museum. The light rain eventually turned to a torrential down pour. We quickly learned what it is like to live in that city as we tried to catch the public transit. We were drenched and our umbrellas served little or no purposes. We finally got some shelter as we found our way to a Macdonald’s restaurant for some good old fast food. After lunch and when we got decently dried, we decided to take a taxi back in order to make it to our meeting. Hailing a taxi in the rain on a busy street proved to be quite an adventure. You have to learn how to make your way around the other people who instantly gathered around you for the same purpose, and to fend off the “illegal” for-hired cars who can be very persistent. The one taxi we finally was able to flag down refused to go to our destination as parts of the road were flooded already. As the rain got heavier, our volunteer became more agitated and I noticed she had inched closer to the middle of a turning lane off the exit ramp! I was more concerned for her safety than being drenched in the rain.

Finally we arrived at our meeting safe and sound even though very soggy. During the meeting our volunteer told us that she was worried and very “embarrassed” that we had to stand in the rain and got soaked. At one point she was so upset that she had prayed and asked God to send her a taxi. No sooner she whispered those words a taxi turned the corner and stopped in front of us ! God answered her prayer immediately.

I have to say that afternoon was one of the highlights of my trip. Sometimes I tend to take these moments for granted, so often I feel I should not bother God for “little” things. But God has reminded me that He does care for everything in my life. God has shown Himself to this young woman in the most amazing and powerful way.

Mary, my dear friend, thank you for reminding me how BIG my God is.


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mom with two grown up girls, children pastor, avid knitter, coffee-lover, bear-collector. I love reading, hanging out with my girl friends and yes, I am owned by a golden lab, Jaden.

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