“…. God will do something…”

We had planned for this cultural exchange excursion over a year, a trip which I have to confess did not excite me initially. For I was not looking forward to the intense summer heat and the hot spicy foods this place is famous for.  And for reasons out of our control, things kept changing and by the time our team of 18 boarded the flight we were still ambivalent about what was ahead of us.

I have to admit that spontaneity is not my strong suit, for I am a creature of habit who thrives on the predictable.   All these changes had made me very apprehensive and a week before my departure I shared my unsettling feelings with a young woman who had spent significant amount of time in this city.  ” Don’t worry,” she said wisely ” God will do something.”  Those were the words of assurance I had needed to hear desperately at that moment, and just exactly what I needed to spur me on.

Indeed God did something amazing —

As I mentioned earlier there were many changes which required numerous revisions of  our plans as we found ourselves in all sorts of predicament.  But in the end, things worked out perfectly in ways which only could be orchestrated by God.   You know the saying, “man proposes, but God supposes”,  He definitely has His own agenda as how things should work out. From this trip, I learned that  it is  when things are totally out of our control then He steps in and takes control.  It is only when we open our hands and  let go of our so-called plans then we can receive His blessings freely. To experience God requires our total obedience and submission.

One of the common goals of mission trips is to go and help people, but it is often the reverse for  instead “helping” others we are the ones who receive the most.  We get helped when our eyes are being opened to what lies beyond our little world,  and our faith is being put on the gravel road instead of just sitting in a beautiful showcase.  It is when we finally realize how much we have and how we have taken things for granted.  It is when we finally see how small we are and how great He is.

Someone had prayed that through this trip we would experience personal spiritual growth.  God answered that in a big way.  Growth to me is when I got to see a side of me in light of who He is. It is when I found that He does work in ways beyond my expectation and imagination.  It is when I am willing to be stretched in the most uncomfortable way then I will experience His great mighty power.   

My bags have been unpacked, laundry have been done. I am finally over my jet-lag, but  in my mind I am still trying to unpack what I have seen and experienced on this trip.   As I shared with the team and our partners in the other city, I am now a richer woman because of this trip.  

I am glad that I went on this trip, and I am thankful for those words of encouragement which I took with me.   He did something in my heart !

Stay tune my friends…more to come.


About mamaj

mom with two grown up girls, children pastor, avid knitter, coffee-lover, bear-collector. I love reading, hanging out with my girl friends and yes, I am owned by a golden lab, Jaden.

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