Inner Sanctum

The last few weeks have been like a whirl wind of events, and often I feel like Dorothy who wants to go back to her Kansas. In the midst of all the happenings and the emotions, I discover that there is this hunger deep inside me which keeps growing… is an intense need to retreat to my inner sanctum to find some peace with God and with myself. I want to run back to Him and to my writing.

Writing is theraputic for me. Something happens when I am grappling with those jumbled thoughts in my head and letting them flow through my finger tips to the keyboard….and as my friend Jenny said, when you hit that button, some how you send your thoughts away in a cleansing and healing way….

I resonant with this quote she posted a week ago:

“Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and the fingertips.” – Dawson Trotman

It is true, for when I sit quietly to work through those thoughts and write them down, I begin to make sense out of them. Writing has then become a special place where I meet God in a most intimate way, He speaks to me through His words in ways which can only be understood in my inner sanctum. It is when I try to sort through the tangled thoughts that I can see what He is trying to awake in me.

I read once, a long time ago…someone said that our lives might be the only Bible some might read. I have been challenged since then and often wonder what kind of book am I wirting? Can other see the hands or the fingerprints of God as they read my story?

I see myself as a story-teller, telling my God story. This blog is not to relate or explain some deep theological thoughts, or try to solve the problems of human race. It is one woman’s story, about God in her life. He shows up in her mess, pain, mistakes and most of all, her joy. It is a story of His undying , redemptive love and His restoration.

Writing has also become that place where I can retreat from my busyness for a brief moment so I can find Him. As He has promised that when I seek Him, I shall find and He has never disappointed me.

I am back in my inner sanctum where I truly belong. Strange though, because some times we can be so wrapped up by the things of this earth that forget we are heaven bound—-This earth is not our home.

I pray that whoever stumble upon this woman’s story will be able to catch a glimpse of Him among the words. Even for one brief moment.

Welcome to my inner sanctum.


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  1. I was just wondering this morning how come I’m not getting burning bush’s notification. I went to your blog and make sure I wasn’t missing the post.. and here you are. Welcome back to writing. P.S. I always love the pictures you attached to the post.

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