Lesson # 9

The other day when I saw this video on a leadership website I was “rofl” until I realized I was laughing at myself. There is this brutal truth that I have been denying even though it has been pointed out repeatedly. It even hurts to admit…. okay, I have to spit it out…. I am not a good listener ! But on the other hand even though I do not listen well, I think I am better than the two guys in the video.

I think either I need a hearing-aid soon, or I am loosing my attention span. Any ways, it is one of those tough lessons of 2011. I am learning it the hard way because I inadvertently found myself on the other side of the table a few times, and I do not like the feeling at all.
There are a few people in my life who are not good listeners, they are often too busy “multi-tasking” on their phones or laptop or preoccupied with something else while I engage them in any kind of conversation. I can tell they were not listening because the lack of eye contact and their occasional and obligatory “hmmm….ummm…” The things which are definitely communication-killers !

Then there is the other kind who will sit there intently and listen until I finish and will ask me the perninet questions. They are not quick to tell me what they think but will use questions to bring out their viewpoints.

As I look at these two different groups I understand why listening is such a big part of relationship building. I have been thinking about this a lot, and wonder how many relationship I have to salvage. This is an on-going lesson which will take me a long time to learn. Even as of last evening I caught myself fallen short in this department again.
So me dear friends and loved ones, if I ever “space out” on you in our conversation , please be patient with me cos God is still working on me!



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