bathroom, shampoo and haircut

I am deeply humbled by her story. It is a story of God’s abounding grace and a woman’s dedication to her Lord.

I have never told her this, but my sister-in-law is a wonderful role model for me. She has shown me with the way she lives her life what it means to love the Lord and walk with Him. Her encouraging words have sustained me during the best and the worst of time. I am so thankful for her because she is God’s gift to me.

About this time last year she was seriously ill and had to fight for her life. Early in October of 2010, she was diagnosed with cancer and had started her rounds of treatment and surgery right away. Even though she was very sick, she never complained, not even once. For every time when I talked to her on the phone she would only give thanks to the Lord. Her faith in God never faltered.

I am so relieved to hear that she is feeling better now and her doctor has given her a clean bill of health. She wrote me recently and her message even though short is very enlightening. She has written about her “first” this year: her first shampoo, and her first haircut, she described her joy and excitement of doing these simple things again after she had lost all her hair during her treatment. I read her email many times, and I have to stop and think : how often do I give thanks and rejoice over simple things like these? I thought about another dear friend who passed away a few years ago. During the end of his life on earth, he could hardly eat or drink and was unable to do the simpliest things like going to the bathroom on his own. I remember his widow told me about the entries in his journal: he gave thanks to the Lord when he was able to swallow his medication, and when he was able to go to the bathroom on his own.

These people did not give thanks for big screen TV, the latest gadgets, or a luxury trip to some exotic places. They gave thanks for bathroom, shampoo and haircuts.

It is ironical that until we have lost something of value, we will never learn to appreciate the preciousness of it.


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