I can see !

The other day while I was running around trying to keep up with my to-do list I had a very unfortunate encounter. As I was loading up my car, I turned abruptly and managed to hit my face against an opened car door. It felt like someone had punched me and my glasses just got in the way. I was off the kilter for a couple of minutes but then in true me-style, I kept on with my chores.

For those who wear progressive lenses like mine, you will appreciate the preciseness of the lenses on one’s face. These corrective lenses are characterized by a gradient of increasing lens power, custom-made for whatever the wearer needs. The gradient starts at the top of the lens for distance and reaches a maximum addition power, or the full reading addition, at the bottom of it. Since my glasses were almost knocked off from my face, the power were then completely distorted and my vision was totally out of focus.

In other words I could hardly see through my almost broken glasses and by the end of the day, I had developed a severe headache. The logical thing for me to do was to get my glasses fixed immediately but I kept putting this off until I could no longer stand it and then made a mad dash to the optical store. When the optician saw my glasses on the counter, she exclaimed ” this is really bad, how can you see through them ?’ Apparently the arms of the glasses were bent out of shape, the nose pieces were all mangled up. No wonder I felt ill from using them.

When I finally popped my fixed glasses back on I almost died from shock….” I can see! I can see!”. For months before this accident, I thought because of old age, my vision was getting weaker as I found I could not see through the glasses properly. After the repair I realized that all these time I had been seeing through a pair of glasses which needed adjustment badly.

This experience taught me a very important lesson on seeing and understanding God’s way. How well am I seeing these days? What kind of lenses am I using ? As we experience growth, it is imminent we need to change the way we do ministry . It is tempting to apply the techniques and the principles of the world to the way we “do” church. And when we don’t meet our goals and the expected results we get frustrated and discouraged. We have to remember that we are Kingdom people, and a careful study of the Beatitudes will tell us that ours is an upside down Kingdom. The things which are valued by the world is not exalted at all by the King. If we insisted on doing Kingdom business the world’s way we are going to face failure and disappointment. God’s Word is our plum line to which we measured against, if what we do is not aligned to His Word, it then has no place at all in His Kingdom. When we do not have the right lenses on, we are not going to see things God’s way.

If we readjust our lenses, and start to see the world through Christ’s eyes, it would definitely change our lives. Because seeing the world through Christ’s eyes would mean for us to love as Christ loved. It would mean to focus less on striving for the things that we want and more on giving and helping others who are in need. It would cause us to care less about what others think, and more about what is important to Him. In some ways it would make our lives more complicated, as we could not longer chase after the things of the world — bigger accounts, larger houses, expensive cars, latest gadgets. On the other hand it would simplify our lives, as we do not have to be in this rat race to keep up with the Jones, and thus free us to focus on things which have eternal values. When we do not have to go after these material things we will accumulate less debt, and truly experience what contentment is. Those who have come to have the proper vision will be less self-centered and less troubled. True contentment will bring us heavenly joy.

As I am writing, an old hymn came to my mind. ” Be thou my vision” a beautiful hymn which is so prayer like.

I want to make it my prayer, that I can see clearly from now on.


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