Going Home

Week 7–The Holy Wild

The crowd was on an emotional high as they sang and clapped to a well-known chorus led by the energetic worship team….

….and I stood there all alone inside this deep dark cave, overwhelmed by a sense of loneliness and brokenness..

The crowd was spirited, exhilaration filled the air. ….

….and I felt like a jar of muddy water, I wanted to hide…maybe the sediments would eventually settle and maybe I could make some sense of all these uncertainties…

…The crowd was up on its feet, the singing was clamorous ….

…There was this deafening silence in the cave, Oh Lord have mercy on this child…..

…out of the blues… in the cold and the darkness I felt a Presence…..it was so close.

…He reached out to me and I could feel the Strong Arms, enfolding me ever so gently…

It felt so good in His Arms, doubts and troubles slowly ebbed away like the tide, and the chill  in my heart slowly dissipated and replaced by this unspeakable warmth…..a sense of being loved, being cherished.

Tears started to come to my eyes, I knew I was home….home with my Daddy.  After a long and exhaustive journey, with a heavy heart and wounded soul, I knew I was home at last.

Tears turned into sobs, …. they were no longer from a broken heart, but from relief. Just to know I was not alone on this journey of pain and despair.  He was there all along.

This precious experience is forever seared into my heart and my soul…. when you see God face to face you cannot help but walk away a changed person…

“….If we by faith venture into the wild and as-yet-undiscovered places of God, the gift of holiness will become our gift of wholeness , too.  By His touch, we can trade our sorrows for His joy, our ashes for the oil of gladness.” (p151, The Holy Wild)


About mamaj

mom with two grown up girls, children pastor, avid knitter, coffee-lover, bear-collector. I love reading, hanging out with my girl friends and yes, I am owned by a golden lab, Jaden.

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